Breeze’s Story

Breeze started his record company in 1985 with money he earned from a pizza delivery job. M.C. Breeze’s first release was an EP entitled “DISCOMBOBULATORBUBALATOR”. This was the first rap record to be banned from radio. In the song, Breeze comments about Chinese people cooking with cats and dogs. The mayor of Philadelphia banned it because it was said to be demeaning to Chinese people and made fun of a sensitive subject; Asian businesses in black neighborhoods. Before the song was taken off the radio, it was receiving over 500 requests a day on Philly’s Power 99fm.

Breeze continued in music, and his style inspired many artists. He created the style of stuttering to defeat New York artist Just Ice, in the 1987 New Music Seminar. Many other artists imitated this style, to include The Fresh Prince, who used the style on two of his songs. 

Breeze later released a song called “SUPERBAD”, which was used by M.C. Hammer to open up his concerts. Hammer even used “SUPERBAD” in his first appearance on the Arsenio Hall show. Hammer’s brother, Louis Burrell, signed Breeze to Bust It Records in 1991 as an artist and a producer. Even though Breeze had already established himself as M.C. Breeze, Atlantic records put out an artist with the same name. This occurred as it was time to record for Sylvester Stallone’s movie ROCKY 5. The recording timeframe didn’t allow for litigation, so Breeze changed his name to Joey B. Ellis (his real name is Joseph Ellis; the “B” was put in for “Breeze”). On Bust It Records, Breeze wrote and performed three songs for ROCKY 5: “Go For It “, “Thought U Were The One For Me” and “All U Gotta Do Is Sing”. Two singles were released from this album: both of them by Breeze under the name Joey B. Ellis. There were also two videos accompanying the singles. “Go For It” sold over 800,000 copies in Europe. His overseas appeal was so great MTV had a Joey B. Ellis Day in Europe. “Go For It” was #2 in Germany. Both singles, “Go For It” and “Thought You Were The One For Me” were in the UK’s top 20.

Breeze produced alongside Chic’s Nile Rogers for Warner Bros., the group BMOC (Big Man On Campus), and he also wrote for Bust It recording artist 357. Breeze toured over 35 cities and 13 countries in Europe and Japan. He’s appeared on Soul Train, Arsenio Hall’s “THE PARTY MACHINE” featuring Nia Peebles, MTV, BET, and many overseas television shows.

In a tragic turn of events, in 1996, Breeze suffered the loss of his brother, Kenny.  This devastating blow, paired with the permanent brain damage suffered by his other brother, Kevin, brought about a time of mourning, reflection and soul searching for Breeze. This time of remembrance and healing has paved the way for a new beginning. He is currently working on a new album, “The Way I See It”.

Breeze is a multitalented artist with a tremendous drive. He sings, raps, plays guitar, keyboards, writes and produces music, and has a host of other talents, including working with computer graphic arts and video applications.


MC Breeze


Still Breeze Entertainment Studios

I am constantly creating music. It is what I was born to do.

Thanks to all that have participated in my journey

I will continue to create as long as I am able.


MC Breeze aka Joey B Ellis


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